*** Registration for Melodeon Playgroup 2020 is now open ***

** Improvers class is now full  and a standby list is in operation **

Welcome to the website for Melodeon Playgroup, an annual(ish) event for novice to improver level melodeon players. Originally conceived as a meet and greet for beginner box players Melodeon Playgroup has expanded over the years although our primary focus is still beginner players we also have some additional events for improvers – those who are a little further along their  musical journey, who want to develop their skills, gain confidence in playing along with others and develop their session repertoire.  Additionally since 2015 we have offered a class for absolute beginners – those who have never picked up a box before or don’t feel ready to join the main class. Melodeon Playgroup 8 takes place over the weekend of 7-9th February 2020.

We’ll have formal workshop sessions with our fabulous  tutors and there’s usually plenty of music in the pub with accessible sessions throughout the weekend.  You can sign up for Melodeon Playgroup  here.

Melodeon playgroup is for players of the D/G melodeon. Players of melodeons in other keys are welcome to join us but must understand that the event is geared towards the D/G box and tunes will generally be in the keys of D, G and Em.

Melodeon playgroup is a non-profit making event and is organised entirely by volunteers (aka the playgroup elves). The programme is offered in good faith, but the organisers reserve the right to  make changes in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Melodeon Playgroup has been running on an annual(ish) basis since 2012, it is independent and unconnected with other similarly named events.


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