Changes 2019

Melodeon Playgroup grows up – well, a little bit.


Melodeon Playgroup was originally conceived as a self-help event for beginner melodeon players, we have since expanded our event to include absolute beginner and improver players.  Up until now the event has remained purely informal – just turn up, and pay a share of the running costs of the day.  Tutors have been engaged on a purely voluntary basis and the event non profit-making.

In recent years Melodeon Playgroup has become something of a victim of its own success – the improvers class has grown and grown as all you lovely people keep  coming back.  This year we have decided to change the format a little in order to improve the learning experience for our improver class and keep class sizes manageable.

The main change we are making is to limit the class size of the improver class to 20 and charge a fixed fee of £25 per place. We are sure you’ll agree this represents excellent value for money but also allows us to place a limit numbers to improve the learning experience and also to pay our professional tutor, Mel Biggs a realistic fee for her teaching services. To reserve a place we will ask for your contact details and a firm commitment to pay the £25 fee on the day. We operate on a goodwill basis and we’re sure you will respect this.

To preserve the core ‘turn up and play’ ethos of melodeon playgroup we will keep the format for absolute beginners and beginners the same.  Pre-registration allows us to manage numbers and there is no commitment, costs will be split on the day – you can expect to pay £10-15 for a full day of workshops.  As before our tutors for these classes will be volunteers and receive expenses only.

We have worked hard to find a formula that both allows us to continue to offer improver workshops while preserving the ethos of helping beginners that is at the heart of the playgroup experience. Melodeon Playgroup remains volunteer-led and non profit-making.

Here’s to another great year of the Original Melodeon Playgroup.