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Due to Melodeon Playgroup becoming something of a victim of its own success we have altered the formula for 2019  – please see Changes 2019 for full details.

Costs:  Absolute Beginners and Beginners will pay charges based on a split of costs – hire charges and expenses  – and can expect to pay in the region of £10-15 depending on number attending.  Improvers will for the first time be asked to pay a fixed fee of £25 this year,  this allows us to improve your learning experience by limiting the class size while being able to pay our professional tutor, Mel, a fair fee for her teaching.

At the core of the Playgroup is very much an ethos of ‘turn up and play’ for beginners which we are keen to preserve, however if you do sign up we ask that if you cannot attend for any reason you let us know as soon as possible. Signing up in advance helps with our planning and also helps ensure you get a place if we have to close classes in advance due to high levels of interest.

Improvers now has a fixed limit of 20 places so do get in quickly and book your place if you want to attend – this is also your commitment to pay us £25 on the day.  We had over 30 people in 2018 which was lovely if somewhat difficult to manage.  If you are unable to attend please give us as much notice as you possibly can so that someone else can take your place.  We operate on a goodwill basis and we are sure that you will too.

We are sure you will agree that these prices still represent excellent value for money – a full day of workshops plus evening sessions.

Please refer to the outline playing levels below when signing up for your class:

Absolute Beginner – this is for the newest of the new players – those who have never picked up a box, or maybe you’ve tinkered around a bit but can’t get through your first tune reliably yet?  Or maybe you are really just too nervous to join the beginners class just yet. Absolute beginners will give you a gentle introduction to the wonders of the Squeezebox. Loan melodeons available by prior arrangement.

Beginners – this class represents the origins of Playgroup and is the reason we started this thing up in the first place.  You’re ready for this class if you can play a few simple tunes, have limited or no experience of playing tunes with others.  You will probably have some experience of playing basses. Not yet really exploring row crossing.

Improvers – this class was started for playgroup alumni  who keep wanting to come back. Suitable for previous attendees to the beginner class or those at a similar level – will probably have been playing for a year or so, be pretty confident using basic oom-pah basses, you’ll probably have begin to explore the use of row crossing and be able to play a number of tunes independently.

In addition this year we are offering an extra event on the Sunday, a Fettlers’ Day run by Lester Bailey for those of you who want to learn more about the workings of the melodeon and its repair and maintenance –  the cost is £25 for a day of workshops with plenty of practical hands-on instruction in the art of melodeon maintenance.  Fettlers’ Day can be booked in addition to a place on our Melodeon Playgroup Saturday workshops or as a standalone option.

You are strongly advised to wait for confirmation of your place before booking accommodation.


** 04/11/2018 – just one day after bookings opened our Improvers class is already full and a standby list is in operation **



We need your contact details in order to reserve you a place and effectively manage our event. By signing up you consent to our using your contact details for purposes directly related to Melodeon Playgroup only.